About Us


Jorvikingi is the name of our small group of enthusiasts dedicated to recreating, through living history and experimental archaeology; the crafts, combat, appearance, and experiences of the people living in York and the areas of the Danelaw in the 10th century, be they Danes, Norwegians, Anglians, Saxons, Scots, Irish, or native Britons. The name is derived from our homebase; York in its Scandinavian iteration; Jorvik, and the Scandinavian -ingi suffix, commonly used to create a noun denoting a person/people with the characteristics of a place.

In short; we are the ‘people of Jorvik’


The group is based at the Murton Park Museum of Farming, at Murton, just outside York, and has been going there and maintaining some of the buildings since 2003, though some of its members have been visiting Murton since for over 20 years.

We are a small group that does not actively recruit, and aspires to maintain a ‘photograph’ level authenticity for the duration of our events.

We hope you enjoy visiting our site.


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