Sliding top boxes

Clearly these must be for Viking Dominoes! These are again a series of objects from early medieval Dublin, from our recent visit. I have known about these little boxes for year and never seen one in the flesh, and like most period finds they didn’t disappoint. Once thing it is easy to forget is often how small, fine, well made, and detailed these objects are, particularly as within a living history environment, many of our castings and replicas are too big, too heavy, and too crude. I have absolutely no idea  what they are for but I guess any kinds of sewing items, gaming counters, jewelery, or religious relics could be kept in one.


This one however, blew me away. It’s hard to see from the photograph, but it is miniscule. I was not convinced you could even fit a small sewing needle in this. So perhaps it was for a keepsake, a hair from the head of a saint, or perhaps even their children? If anyone else has any ideas I’d love to hear them!




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