Oval brooch prototype casts back

So we finally have the prototype casts back from the oval brooches I had been working on previously. Unfortuneately they are a failed casting, as the flange on one is incomplete, and an area of the side, and one of the bosses, on the second has not cast properly. However, I am still fairly pleased with the result. We may see if we can use these to practice finishing them off, as an example of the finished product, and to allow us to work out how else to go about casting them. We may even be able to have the patched up with a TIG welder as a sample pair.

They are a little heavier than the originals, as we made them thicker to help the casting process, but as they didn’t cast we may need to adjust our originals, and indeed our method of casting a little to try to guarantee the end result and enable us to cast them a little thinner and closer the the weight of the originals. They are, however, even in their unpolished and ‘fresh from the mould’ including with the ceramic mould residue remaining, very impressive looking!

Enjoy the picturesIMG_1518IMG_1511IMG_1509IMG_1516IMG_1513Thanks for reading!



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