Popped out at lunch to see the Silverdale Hoard of viking treasure

A Local find, written up by my friend and colleague Pete, with a few comments on the Objects and Context myself!

Upland Pete

Since I am now back in the office and report writing for the foreseeable future I thought it was about time I went over to see the Silverdale Hoard which is currently on show at Lancaster City Museum until the 21st December (before being permanently housed at the Museum of Lancashire based in Preston). I really have had no excuse to do this as it is a five minute amble down there from my cluttered work desk. Apologies in advance for the hasty nature of my snaps.

The hoard was discovered in September 2011 by a metal detectorist sweeping a field in Silverdale parish in the north of the county of Lancashire and near to the present day border with Cumbria. It is the fourth largest viking hoard to be found in the UK at just over 1 kg in weight of silver, and when found it was in a pouch-like container fashioned from a folded sheet of lead. The hoard probably…

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