The Last Roarr

So this weekend was Roarr’s last weekend before he heads off overseas for a while, as we thought we’d send him off in style! We had an excellent feed and drink on the Saturday night, a special beer was brewed, venison was eaten, and arm rings given out as gifts.

The goal for the weekend was to try to get Magnus’s house a little closer to being finished, with some wood trimming, a new door, and some decorative panels around the door and front. Magnus started work on his new door, and Snorri and Einar began work on painting up the front boards. The carving and framing around the door was given a fresh coat of paint as it was now a few years old and starting to fade, and the old decorative lintel piece, repurposed inside the house. Then two boards were fitted to the front face, crossing the door way, depicting Sigurd fighting the dragon Fafnir. The design was a reworked version of a motif from a hogback fragment found in Workington, Cumbria, with a Borre style ring-chain motif for its tail, all picked out in Red, white, and black. Finally, a vertical board was added running up the gable end towards the roof ridge, painted with another dragon, mouth agape, and similar in style to those on the Gosforth cross in Cumbria, but with another Borre style ring-chain motif for the dragons body. There is still some daubing, and some dragon heads to fit to the roof, but this house is now nearing completion.



In addition, we planned to finish off, fit out, and decorate the extension to Osric’s house. The outside was finished off and trimmed out by Oric, and Einar and Osric worked on the internals afterwards. Snorri worked on decorating the door frame with a simple triangle and hatching motif, similar to that found as decorative borders on many viking age objects, and Einar painted a Jelling style dragon under the eaves on the gable end. This makes the extension now complete, with our next major upgrade being to make the rest of the house match it!


Roarr decided that we needed a shrine to the gods, and decided to utilise some of the space next to two of the houses. We don’t know much about religious practices and structures in the period, but he decided that a figure of Odin, with a small platform for figurines and offerings might be appropriate, and a small wattle enclosure around it. So far it looks quite good, and we are planning on carving and decorating it some more in the following months.


In amongst this, it was a reasonably busy weekend for Murton Park, with Minster FM broadcasting from the museum for four hours, and many members of the public enjoying the site, and talking to us and learning about the viking age, including demonstrations from Magnus of coin minting.

Magnus demonstrating striking a coin

Magnus demonstrating striking a coin

A great weekend was had by all, and we look forward to our next one!


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